here some frequently asked questions that may you help using Join Me Now

Join Me Now is a new mobile app where you can send last minute invitations to your friends.

It is very easy. Only five clicks away to create an invitation. You choose what, where, when and who you want to invite, then you send it.

Only your selected friends can see and accept the invitation.

You can also look up your received invitation, reply if you want to participate or not, and discuss in the chat.

The application is absolutely free and can be downloaded from the Apple store and the Google play.

All you have to do is follow the indicated steps, fill in the requested informations, create a password and that’s it.

The mobile number is used as a login that’s connect you to your friends through the app.
All your contacts are automatically added to the app, so you know who’s using it and then who you can invite.

Mails will be sent as less as possible. Only to inform you about app’s disfunctions and changes.

The app is working with your mobile number. To make sure that the app is running the best service, we need to verified that the phone number is functional and belongs to the user.

To subscribe you need to provide these details:
– a username,
– your date of birth,
– a password,
– a phone number,
– an email address.

If your phone number is signaled as allready used, it means it is already linked to an existing account on the app. You cannot use the same number for several accounts.

Steps to ask for a new password:
– Go to « Connection » and click on « forgotted password »
– A new password will be sent to your email address
– Connect to the app with your email address and password that has been sent

To modify your password :
-Go to « Settings » and click on password
-Enter the temporary password
-Enter the new password
-Confirm it
-You can now use your new password

All you have to do is to click on « Connection », enter your email address and password.

To create an invitation, from the home page, click on the big « PLUS ».
Fill in « What », « Where » and specify the event’s schedule. Then select the friend you want to invite.
You can send invitation to one person, to one or several groups or your whole contact list.

Yes you can! The app is going to ask you to send them a text message that’s say that they are invited to an event. Then they will be able to download the app and check their invitations.

There is no limit, it’s as much as you want.

You have two options:

1 – through the « Settings »:
-Click on « Manage my friends »
-Click on « Lists »
-Click on « New list » and choose a name
-Select the contacts to add to the list

2 – When you create an event, while choosing people participating to the event:
-Click on « Lists »
-Click on « New list » and choose a name
-Select the contacts to add to the list and then save it

You have two options:

1 – Through the « Settings »:
-Click on « Manage my friends »
-Click on « Favorite »
-Click on « Add to favorite »
-Select the contacts you wish to add and save

2 – When you create an invitation, While choosing who to invite:
-Click on « Favorite »
-Click on « Add to favorite »
-Select the contacts you wish to add and save

From the « Received invitations » page, select the event and the participants names and infos will appear.

On the right bottom from the home page, click on the little envelope to access (to) the invitations list.
To have access to the chat, you first need to participate to the event. This way you are not disturb by the discussions concerning events your are not participating. Once you are in, just click on the icon to chat with your friends.

To add the appointment to your calendar just go to the « Received invitations » page.
Then click on « Schedule/timetable ».

The location map of the event is shown on the « Received invitations » page.

Click on the meeting’s location. Then, if an address has been added for the event, it will appear on the map.

The invitation can only be seen by the invited friends.

For more privacy, the events are automatically deleted at the end of the schedule. That’s why you don’t need to sort out your event’s list all the time.